Our Syndicated Shows

Five Gents

Five Gents is a one-hour reality, syndicated talk show, based on society’s most popular and talked about issues from a male’s perspective. It’s the “The Real” with testosterone. Five Gents central POVs are five men from different ages, multi-cultured, educated, intelligent, handsome, well dressed, well-versed and each carrying their own sense of humor. These five gents will definitely entertain you and keep you engaged in the shows topics, as they bridge the gap between “Mars and Venus.” Our show’s topics will enlighten and educate men on how to be better men, how to be more appealing to women’s needs, the do’s and don’ts, and how to better understand what women really want, as well as educating women on why men do the things they do, their true thoughts and what men Really want in return.

Five Gents touches on issues and subjects in the entertainment world through inviting a celebrity guest on each show—men and women—to offer their thoughts and opinions on certain hot button topics, as well as discussing upcoming projects, motivational advice, and glimpse at their personal lives through sharing semi-intimate and entertaining stories. Five Gents will also be a platform for celebrity musical performances from today’s hottest artists and legendary performers.

This show will consist of 26 episodes for the season. Five Gents will utilize product placement ads and sponsorship to fund the next season’s block of episodes.

Five Gents will be a positive, humorous, uplifting, electric energetic, educational and entertaining program that will also create a closer bond and connection with the opposite sex; all sexes for that matter. Fact is, every man out there wants secretly tips on how to be more attractive, appealing, romantic, better in the bedroom, and an all around better man, from dating, dressing, and to cooking, Five Gents reveals those secrets to its audience. Women will also be educated with similar tips about how to be a better woman to your man, by truly understanding how men think as well and what they expect on dates..

Five Gents topics will consist of Entertainment News, Sports, Dating Tips for Men and Women and a few of Today’s top news stories and issues, followed by interviews from the hottest television and movie stars from your favorite shows and movies.

So, tune in each day, as Five Gents brings the opposite sexes closer to understanding what we all want and expect in life as well as from each other in order to unify and connect on a deeper level, and enjoy the entertaining discussion. Get ready to up your game!