Corporate Leadership

Steve Slome

Executive Producer / Founder & CEO

Co-Founder and CEO of CryptoCake™: The world’s first 24/7 solely dedicated cryptocurrency, blockchain and fintech news and entertainment streaming TV channel. Slome is an experienced content producer and creator of various television formats.  Steve’s format creations and production experience has been optioned and sold to cable, broadcast and content outlets such as Fox, Sony/Crackle and CMT. His well-rounded television and film experience ranges from creation, production to distribution. Slome is also the CEO and Co-founder of the Publicly traded company Web Global Holdings which currently trades under OTC ticker: WEBB. Slome possesses strong micro-cap stock and management backgrounds. However, his greatest production consists of his wife Rebecca, daughter Zoey, and youngest son Jonah.

Lee Zuckerman

Executive Producer / Founder & COO

Co-Founder and COO of CryptoCake™. An USC Film School alumni, Lee has had a variety of production and office management positions over the past 20 years in the film and television industry. Lee has also held assistant positions at top talent agencies in Hollywood.  In 2006 Lee formed Meadowknoll Productions, LLC along with another partner, whose corporate clients included YouTube Next Labs, Google, “American Idol,” AOL, Shoot LA Film, and Sony Crackle. From 2012 onwards, Lee has separately been working as an independent music video and commercial producer with Persepolis Pictures. Persepolis was instrumental on assisting one of their main clients Glamglow, a makeup company, with product commercials that captured the attention of Estée Lauder that purchasing the company for over 100 million dollars.  After ending his association with Meadowknoll Productions, Lee formed Allocation Media Entertainment (AME) with Steven Slome in 2016 to produce original television and streaming programs. As of June 2018, AME has in development 7 reality series and the CryptoCake streaming channel. Concurrently, Lee Zuckerman has in development a number of feature films that he will produce and direct in the next five years.